Jill A Hosmer-Jolley

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JILL HOSMER-JOLLEY, MBA, Ph.D., works with organizations to improve outcomes by embracing the strengths of neurodiverse employees, such as creativity and innovation, through improved management practices customized for situational opportunities and structure. Human resources, diversity, inclusion, and neurodiversity are key areas of her research and consulting practice. Previous experience includes 15 years in financial services at Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab, as a broker in Sunnyvale as well as a regional director for the New England area, managing sales, training, customer service, operations, and people, as well as culture change and career development. In 2008, she began to teach at the university level, focusing on management, human resources, organizational behavior, ethics, and communication. She also works as a technology mentor assisting faculty with online teaching, course development, and integrating technology for student success. Hosmer-Jolley earned a master’s in Business Administration from Simmons College in Boston and a doctorate in Business Administration–Management from Northcentral University in San Diego.

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Business Administration Human Resource Management