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"Regulatory affairs is a mix of art and science. The science is building and testing solid technology; the art is in making strategic decisions, communicating, and creatively balancing business needs and regulatory requirements. In class, I hope to teach you some of the art."

Jay Vaishnav, Ph.D., Industry Regulatory Affairs Professional

JAY VAISHNAV, Ph.D., RAC-Devices, an industry regulatory affairs professional and former FDA regulator, has navigated high-stakes negotiations between industry and regulatory agencies from both sides. Her two decades of experience in science and technology have included time at startups, multinational corporations, the FDA, NIST, and academia. She is co-editor of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society’s forthcoming Fundamentals of Medical Device Regulations: A Global Perspective. The Fundamentals books are widely used references in the industry. She holds a doctorate in physics from Harvard University.

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Regulatory Affairs