International Frequently Asked Question

What if I cannot study full time due to a medical condition?

Medical Reduced Course Load

A student on a valid F-1 status who is suffering from an illness or medical condition that prevents them from completing a full course of study may apply for a medical reduced course load (MRCL).

How to Qualify for MRCL

  • The student must provide a signed doctor's note stating they cannot study full-time for the remainder of the quarter.
  • Medical documentation must be current (no older than three months).
  • The documentation must be signed by a U.S.-based medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist.

After approval, the F-1 student is able to remain on valid F-1 status by meeting the unit requirement as outlined in their Medical RCL.

  • If the condition continues into the following quarter, the student must renew the MRCL by providing an updated doctor's note.
  • The MRCL cannot exceed 12 months.

Please note this is a benefit only eligible to a student on a valid F-1 status. If you have a change of status pending to F-1, you may not qualify for an MRCL.

You can learn more about an MRCL by visiting the Department of Homeland Security website, Study in the States.