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International Frequently Asked Question

Are my international vaccine and booster accepted for UC campus access?

Several international vaccination options are accepted for access to UCSC Silicon Valley Campus and other University of California facilities.

If you’ve received your COVID vaccine and booster outside of the U.S., the injections must be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Here’s what you need to be fully vaccinated and comply with UC policy:

WHO-approved mRNA shots

  • 2 WHO-approved shots of Pfizer or Moderna + 1 mRNA booster dose of Pfizer or Moderna.
  • 2 WHO-approved shots + 1 WHO-approved booster
  • 2 WHO-approved + 2 mRNA full dose + 1 mRNA booster dose (Pfizer or Moderna)

If you have received a booster dose of a WHO-approved international vaccine or a booster dose of Moderna or Pfizer, then you will meet the booster requirements and be compliant.

Want to receive a vaccination or booster dose?

If you would like to receive a booster dose of an mRNA vaccine or start the full series of shots, you do not need to wait after your WHO-approved international vaccine.

J&J is not accepted by UC.

Please note: Because the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna it is not an acceptable option.

Updated Feb. 14, 2022