General Frequently Asked Question

How do I find the syllabus?

How to find the syllabus you need

You can better prepare yourself for each class anywhere, anytime, from any device in the Syllabus Library. Just type in various keywords in the search fields, or scroll down to browse various areas of studies and subject areas. Please contact us at for help with your syllabus search.

Common questions


The library is set up to show syllabi for the upcoming quarter. To focus your search, use several filters separately or in conjunction. You can filter by quarter, keyword, subject area, area of study, course number, and instructor.

Not getting the results you want?

  • A filter may be reducing the results too much
  • The syllabus may not be posted.

In Canvas

Once you're enrolled and have access to Canvas, you will have more options available to you to prepare for classes.

  • MY COURSES — Go to “My Courses” tab to find all the syllabi for the courses you are enrolled in.
  • MATERIALS LIST — Go to the “Material List” tab to see all of the materials you'll need for the quarter in a single spot. You won't have to open each syllabus independently.

How do I get a print-friendly syllabus?

  1. Navigate to the "My Courses" tab and find the syllabus from the collection.
  2. Click the print button to generate a PDF that you can print from your browser.

Note: when you are currently viewing a full-page, digital, syllabus, just click on the print icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

What is the My Courses tab?

​​​​The "My Courses" tab is a centralized collection of syllabi for classes for which you are currently enrolled per academic term. From the My Courses tab, you can choose to view a digital or print version of your syllabus by clicking the "View" or "Print" buttons.
When viewing a digital syllabus from the My Courses tab, you will also see the last updated date, ensuring you have the most up to date information.

Please review this document for instructions on accessing a syllabus.

What is the Material List?

Preparing for a class has never been easier than with the "Material List" tab. The syllabus library aggregates the required textbooks for all of your classes into a convenient single list.