Enrollment Frequently Asked Question

How do I buy a course for someone?

How to gift a course

An employer or a family member can pay for a course for another person using a credit card.

Here are the steps:

  • The buyer must first create a student account in their own name.
    • Click Create my new student account.
    • Important: Input the billing information by navigating to “My Account” and “Update Profile” before enrolling someone in a course.
  • Navigate to the course section page and click “Buy for Others.”
  • Follow the instructions to purchase the course(s) via credit card payment.
  • When you reach the “Reservation Order Items” page, click on “Give to Others” to send the registration link to the student via email. The recipient can directly register themself into the course that has been bought by the purchaser once they have created their own student account.
    • Note: If you miss this step, you can send the student a copy of the course invoice that you receive via email. This invoice includes a reservation ticket that the student can use to manually enroll themself into the course from their student account. The student will navigate to “Enrollment” and “Reservation Ticket.”

Purchase Orders

If your employer is paying for your tuition using a purchase order, please contact extensionregistration@ucsc.edu.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions!

  • (408) 861-3860
  • extension@ucsc.edu