Enrollment Frequently Asked Question

How do I buy a course for someone?


Buying a course for an employee or organization member

An employer or organization can pay for a course for an employee or affiliate using a corporate card or purchase order.

Here are the steps

Starting the Registration Process

Contact Student Services at extension@ucsc.edu to request the creation of a new third-party purchaser account or request the processing of new enrollments under an existing purchaser account. Requests must be made on organization letterhead or formal email and include the following:

  • Purchaser’s name
  • Purchaser’s phone number
  • Purchaser’s email
  • Company address
  • Number of students planning to enroll
  • Course title, section number, dates, and tuition fee
  • Payment method

After You've Submitted Your Request

A purchaser account will be created using this information and a link will be sent to the purchaser’s email with instructions for setting up a web login for the account. Alternatively, this information will be used to verify a current, existing account.

Individual Employee Enrollment Period

Instruct your employees/students to submit the Enrollment Form. If an employee already has a student account, their demographic information may need to be updated. Please have them contact Student Services after submitting the form to verify their existing account. It is the student’s responsibility to submit forms in a timely manner.

Note: Registration will not proceed until all forms are received.

After Submitting All Forms

Once we've received all the enrollment forms, Student Services will create or update student accounts as needed and process the registration under the purchaser account. The purchaser can then log in and make payment through their account or over the phone at 408-861-3860. An invoice and receipt will be automatically sent to the purchaser.

Student Account Login

New students will receive a link to set up their web logins. Students must set up their web logins in a timely manner to then be able to set up their Canvas logins to access the course. Note: Existing students can log in anytime or reset their Canvas passwords if necessary.

Purchase Orders

If your employer is paying for your tuition using a purchase order, please contact our Finance Department at extfin@ucsc.edu.

Group Registration Discounts

Employers can request group registration rates when they meet the following requirements.

  • Registering 5–10 students will receive a 10% discount.
  • Registering 11–19 students will receive a 20% discount.
  • Registering 20–29 students will receive a 30% discount.
  • Registering all students from one organization into the same, individual course.
  • Requesting the discount at the time of enrollment and not retroactively.

Follow the enrollment procedure above and inform Student Services that you want to use the applicable group rate discount in the formal email. We'll apply your discount when we process your registrations.

International companies looking to enroll students, or International schools looking to send students should contact extensioninternational@ucsc.edu to learn more about options.

Custom online courses offered by third-party vendors are not eligible for group discounts.

Late Registrants

Note: Any additional students signing up after group registration will need to pay the full tuition fee.

Cancelations after group registration

Cancelation of registrations must be submitted by the student via the Drop Request Form according to the drop policy.

Course swap requests are not applicable for group registrants.

Reach out for assistance
  • For student account (MyUCSCX) assistance
    Contact Student Services at 408-861-3860 or extension@ucsc.edu.
  • For online classroom (Canvas) assistance
    Contact Online Support at 408-861-3832 or extensiononline@ucsc.edu.


Gifting a course to a family member or individual

You can pay for a course for another person using a credit card.

Here are the steps
  • The buyer (you) must first create a student account in your own name.
    • Click Create my new student account.
    • Important: Before enrolling someone in a course, input the billing information by navigating to “My Account” and “Update Profile.”
  • Locate your course of interest under Find Courses → Search Courses.
  • Click on the course “Section” and select “Register Others” for the corresponding section of interest.
  • Add or select a contact who will be registering for this course.
  • Select “Add to Cart” and either continue to “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”
  • Follow the instructions to purchase the course(s) via credit card payment.
  • After payment is complete, navigate to My Account → Contact Management. Click the “...” under the “Action” column for the corresponding contact and select “Invite to Create Login.” The student will receive an email with instructions for creating their student account to view the course enrollment details.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions!