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How to request an accommodation

Accommodation request forms need to be submitted 15 days before the start of the course. Late submissions may delay appropriate accommodations. If a diagnosis occurs in the middle of the quarter, please submit the forms as soon as possible.

  1. ADA Accommodation Request Form
  2. Verification of Disability or medical documentation
  3. Supporting documentation is optional and may include: educational records, letters from educators, diagnostic reports, letters from healthcare providers, records of past accommodations from testing agencies or employers, letters or records from local, state or federal agencies documents such as SSDI determination, and Veteran Affairs records.

Acceptable Documentation

All medical documentation should:

  • Reflect the student's current functional limitations.
  • Be from an appropriate medical provider who can speak to the nature of the disability, has been treating the student, or has a standing relationship with the student.
  • Be current—usually no more than three years old, or 6-12 months old for psychological documentation, unless a condition is permanent.
  • Meet UC system-wide guidelines for documentation.

Documentation that does not meet the UC criteria may still be submitted to our office for review. Some accommodations may be provided on a provisional basis until more documentation is provided.

UC System-Wide Practices for Documentation

Guidelines for other impacting disabilities

  • Clearly state the disability diagnosis on official letterhead that is signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis. Include information about license or certification and area of specialization.
  • Include medical history relevant to the disability.
  • Detail functional limitations (e.g. specific symptoms, frequency, severity, stamina, medication side effects, etc.)
  • List and summarize evaluation testing. (Deaf and hard-of-hearing students should include a copy of their audiogram.)
  • Indicate permanent status or estimated end date for temporary disabilities.

Note: You are strongly advised to give a copy of the guidelines to your treating clinician. Disabilities have a wide range of severity and effect. The more specific information we receive, the better we can determine appropriate accommodations for you.

The ADA Accommodation Request Form has a section where you can attach documents before submitting the form.

Have additional documentation?

If you have already submitted the ADA Accommodation Request Form and have more documentation to submit, please email extada@ucsc.edu. A secure email will be sent to you so you can submit your documents in a secure manner.


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