Speaking and Listening Skills for Business

Speaking and Listening Skills for Business

Oct 12, 2023

4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Cost: free

Students interested in improving their active speaking and listening skills for the workplace will fine-tune their articulation, intonation, and clarity in this in-person workshop at the UCSC Silicon Valley Campus.

  • Practice three different note-taking strategies that will serve as a cornerstone to building your active listening skills in business settings. 
  • Get tips on social competence built around voice register and tone. This is especially helpful for the international professional who will get to practice and reflect on new exercises throughout the workshop. 
  • Enjoy speaking and listening materials for introductions, small talk, lectures, panel discussions, and interviews. 
  • Take home several online resources to continue developing your professional speaking and listening skills beyond the workshop.

People of all skills are welcome to attend this event. Bring your speaking and listening questions!


English for Business Workshop Series

This is the second event of a five-part workshop series dedicated to building practical communication skills for the workplace.


This event is sponsored by the International Team at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension


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