Managing Software Projects

New and experienced project managers wanting to improve their management of software projects need to include key planning elements, appropriate techniques, effective communications, and ideas for self-improvement. In this interactive, two-day class, students explore the concepts and methods appropriate for managing creative, intangible product development. Included are the Agile, Critical Chain, and Critical Path methods.

Together we will identify the processes can prevent trouble on a project. Students are guided to those processes outlined by the Project Management Institute and the Software Engineering Institute. Instead of an exam, you respond to 25 targeted questions, producing a document that can guide you going forward.

The course is excellent for those seeking to improve their software project management skills for producing full scope, adequately tested, on time and on budget results.

Note(s): Project Management Institute--PMP 15 Professional Development Units.

Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
PPMT.X400 Role of the Project Manager