Self-Care, Support and Connection

Feeling stressed out over coronavirus?

The events we are all living through are unprecedented and changing daily. The huge volume of COVID-19 new stories and social media posts might feel overwhelming and confusing. And then there’s the disruption to your daily life, taking classes remotely, fear for loved ones, and your own well-being. You may be feeling anxiety and increased stress, which is a natural and expected response to any pandemic. If you’re like most students, you care about your own well-being, your loved ones, and community.

Possible apps that might help

  • Calm • Guided meditations, sleep meditations, and more.
  • Headspace • Meditations for mindfulness for everyday life.
  • Insight Meditation Timer • This timer also has hundreds of free, guided meditations.

Other online programs

Affirming community

Just because we are all now operating at a distance doesn't mean we have to be disconnected. Our commitment is to strive for connection in this time of uncertainty. We need each other more than ever. There are so many ways to stay connected.