Getting Started

Create your learning space

It is essential that you set up a space that feels comfortable, is quiet and with limited distractions, and allows you to focus on your remote classroom lecture as well as to study.

Quick tips

  • If at all possible use a desk or table and a chair. Sometimes your bed is the only quiet place you have. If that is the case, simply set yourself up so you are propped up and can use your computer, laptop, or smartphone with ease.
  • Limit distractions
    • Use headphones to mute surrounding noise.
    • Put away that cell phone!
    • Pause social media. (It will be there when you get back.)
    • Don’t multitask even though it is tempting.
    • Exit non-essential browsers as it may slow your internet speed.
    • Let folks in your space know when you are “in class” and studying.
  • Get up and get dressed. Best to not attend class in your PJs!