Workforce Frequently Asked Question

Where do I find course details?

Grid View/Detail View

From the certificate or specialization page, you can view more details of each course, learn about the instructors, and find out when each courses is taught, by going to the top right corner of the grid of listed courses and click on Detail View.

Expand All allows you to view all currently scheduled courses.

Course Description Page

Please make sure to read the Course Description, which is located on the course page.

Skills Needed Section

Prerequisites are located on the right side of the course page and the Section Notes.

Section Notes

This is a good source of information for the more detailed information about each course. You'll find the course page description as well as recommended course materials and texts, learning modes, recommended prerequisites, schedules, final enrollment dates, and available professional credits.

To find the Section Notes, please click on the Green Enroll button next to the course section.