Linux, Introduction | LINX.X400

Linux, Introduction | LINX.X400

This course introduces the Linux operating system. Linux is gaining popularity on personal computers, devices, embedded systems and enterprise servers. The course gives students an opportunity to use Linux for personal or professional purposes. Students will learn basic Linux administration, Linux file and directory structure, basic network configuration, shell programming and various utilities available in Linux. The course provides students with a hands-on approach for learning Linux through assignments and projects.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Explain the different Linux distributions
  • Describe how to install Linux on laptop or desktop computer system
  • Understand UI desktop provided by different Linux distributions
  • Determine how to use consol window for Linux command line operations
  • Outline how to configure and use Linux network capabilities
Note(s): This course is the recommended prerequisite to the Certificate in Linux Programming and Administration. Students are encouraged to use their own personal computers with Debian for practice. Instructor will provide installation instruction on the first day of class. Options include VMWare, VirtualBox, LiveCD, disk partition or separate drive.
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