Lean-Agile Project Management: Achieving Business Value | PPMT.X407

Lean-Agile Project Management: Achieving Business Value | PPMT.X407

This course introduces managing development projects and programs at both the team and enterprise levels using Agile methodologies and Lean principles. Students will study the implementation of Lean and Agile within the Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban project management frameworks. We will also address the business case for agility, lean projects, and becoming a Lean-Agile enterprise. Other topics include the role of management in Lean-Agile development, the kaizen culture, and mapping the value stream and the Kanban/Scrumban methods for accelerating the delivery of business value.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Comprehend the business benefits of agile development and Lean principles
  • Perform value stream mapping to increase process flow and decrease cycle times
  • Understand and use the Scrum and Kanban development frameworks
  • Demonstrate your ability to develop a new product within a Scrum team
  • Construct information radiators such as Burn-Down Charts and Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  • Understand and apply Little's Law of process flow, cycle time and Work-in-Progress
  • Demonstrate improved process flow using the application of Agile and Lean principles
  • Understand the key strategies and hurdles for achieving enterprise-wide agility

Topics Include

  • Lean principles, the value of agility, minimizing process times, fast flexible flow, value stream mapping and defining value
  • Overview of lean-agile project management methodologies
  • The Scrum development methodology
  • Going beyond Scrum with Kanban and Scrumban methodologies
  • Lean-agile planning and estimating, visual controls, information radiators
  • Becoming an agile enterprise, including teams and management roles in lean-agile development

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