Java Threads | CMPR.X423

Java Threads | CMPR.X423

In this internet-of-things era, where big data is in such high demand, concurrent programming using Java threads has become increasingly integral. The use of Java has become ubiquitous and it’s growing exponentially. In this class, we will explore both the breadth and depth of java threads and methodically navigate the intricacies of using them.

The first few lectures will provide the "what" and "how" of threads and threads programming. While initial discussion will include refreshers for those who know the basics, seasoned thread developers will find ample new material in these lectures; the concurrency model in the most recent Java Development Kit (JDK) has been enhanced significantly.

In the following few lectures, students will dive into the concurrency model. You will study synchronizer objects, thread management API classes, concurrent data structures and atomic variables. These lectures will lay out the application of the concurrency model and warn against pitfalls of incorrect uses of these objects.

Advanced topics such as applications of the concurrency model will be covered in later lectures. You will learn how to develop your own thread-safe data-structures and be able to apply the knowledge in a comprehensive application that integrates all the material covered in the class.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Apply threads to large scale, big data, and machine learning application
  • Create thread-safe design patterns
  • Write thread-safe custom data structures
  • Use threads in making their GUI application more responsive
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