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Gene Therapy: Hacking the Genome | BTEC.X416

Gene Therapy: Hacking the Genome | BTEC.X416

With double-digit annual growth in the global gene therapy market, people with the skills to treat or prevent disease through experimental gene techniques have never been in higher demand. This course brings you closer to the exciting discoveries in genetics by providing a foundational survey of the existing technology for gene editing and helps you understand the tools of discovery.

  • Gene therapy landscape overview
  • Uses of viruses in gene therapy
  • RNAi
  • Car-T gene therapy
  • CRISPR gene therapy

This class offers a detailed analysis of the biology underlying each technology and analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each. 

Prerequisite Courses: There are no prerequisite courses for this class.

Prerequisite Skills: There are no prerequisite skills needed for this course, but prior molecular biology coursework or background is strongly recommended.
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