Mark Mastandrea

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"Technology evolves and changes rapidly. In my course, we focus on the evolving requirements of customers and the enterprise, approaching the development of solutions that have both operational and technological components to create option value and sustain growth."

Mark Mastandrea, Operations / Fulfillment leader

Mark Mastandrea, MBA, MS, operations / fulfillment leader, has over 30 years of experience designing, building, and running world-class supply chain and fulfillment operations. Drawing on his hands-on experience at Amazon, Kiva Systems, Webvan, and other notable firms, he relies on his deep operations and broad general management experience to develop innovative solutions for rapidly scaling businesses within large companies and startups. He earned master’s degrees in Management and in Materials Science and Engineering and graduated from MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations Program. He holds bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biology from MIT and a master’s degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley.

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Supply Chain Management