"Some of the students taking bioscience courses are already employed in the biotech industry and take our courses to support their career advancement strategies. In another scenario, we frequently have students with non biological backgrounds. Over the years, I’ve had a number of students from Silicon Valley high tech companies who take our bioscience courses as a first step to switch their careers."
— Edward Rozhon, Chair/Instructor Bionformatics and Biotechnology programs

UCSC Extension’s Bioinformatics certificate program was created in consultation with industry leaders to meet the need for biologists and computer scientists to analyze and interpret today's deluge of biological information. Courses in this program are taught by experienced molecular biologists and bioinformatics professionals who bring real-world perspectives and cutting-edge technologies into their classrooms. Learn theoretical foundations and gain practical skills get a great job in the bioinformatics field. Required courses provide the necessary computational and scientific foundations. A range of electives allows individuals to tailor their studies to their particular needs and interests. Life scientists learn how to effectively use the tools and methods of bioinformatics to enhance their work, while computer scientists gain a background in molecular biology and important bioinformatics methods and tools.

Ideal for:

•  Bioinformatics researchers, in academia or in industry
•  Medical professionals such as physicians or genetic counselors
•  Biologists who employ computational methods
•  Bioinformatics engineers who create the computational methods to use in science research
•  Core facilities researchers at scientific institutions
•  Software developers who develop new algorithms and tools for bioinformatics research
•  Educators or PhDs interested in pursuing a teaching career in tandem with research
•  Data analysts who want to focus on scientific applications

Program Format

Courses are offered in classroom and online.

Credit Required

16 units: 9 units of required credit and 7 units of elective credit

Program Duration

Most courses take between 4 - 10 weeks to complete. Certificate, if pursued full-time, can take a year

Approximate Program Cost


(Program costs are higher for F-1 students.)