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Python Programming for Beginners

The course covers the important concepts and programming mechanisms that exist in all programming languages: reading and writing to standard IO, using operators, controlling the flow of execution, using functions, reading and writing files, and basic object-oriented programming concepts. It also includes Python specific facilities such as code introspection, re-use, built-in sequence types, and iteration.

Cost: $580

Final Enrollment Date: 2/11/2020

Python for Programmers

Topics include:

  • The Python environment: interpretation, integrated development environment, code introspection
  • Syntax: flow control, f-string formatting, function protocols, exception handling, functional programming
  • Built-in data types: strings, tuples, lists, sets, dictionaries
  • Sequence manipulations: slicing, accessing, packing, unpacking, sorting by an arbitrary sort key
  • Object-oriented features: classes and inheritance
  • Building applications, modules, packages, and libraries
  • Popular libraries: os, sys, copy, unittest, cProfile, optparse, unittest, shutil, tempfile, subprocess, and more
  • Pythonic thinking: namespaces, internationalization, iterators, generators, decorators, dynamic coding, context managers

Cost: $1020

Final Enrollment Date: 2/11/2020

International Students

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