Open Campus

Challenge Yourself: Take Courses On The UCSC Campus

Enroll in regular UCSC campus courses
The Open Campus concurrent program enables you to take undergraduate and graduate-level courses without having to enroll in a formal degree program.

During Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters
Most UCSC courses are available through the Open Campus Concurrent program on a space-available basis. Certain limitations may apply. Enrollment is complete when the instructor-signed enrollment form is received at the Student Services office at UCSC Extension, 3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, 95054. To apply, download the PDF version of our enrollment form.

During the Summer Quarter
Courses are available through UCSC Summer Session, with separate enrollment processes, fees and deadlines.To obtain more information regarding UCSC Summer Session courses, please contact the Summer Session office at (831) 459-3070 or

UCSC Students

Students Taking a Class to Graduate with an Undergraduate Degree

You are in a special category and will be required to obey certain rules and policies related to your use of Concurrent Enrollment.

Concurrent Enrollment Restrictions

  • A maximum of 5 credits may be taken by a UCSC student prior to graduation. More than one class may be taken as long as the total credits does not exceed 5.
  • All campus debts must be paid in full, or if not, a payment plan must be presented at the time of application. Failure to report outstanding balances on campus may result in application denial.
  • You must be in good academic standing with your college. If you are currently on academic warning or probation, you must present written approval from your college with your Concurrent Enrollment application form.
  • A portion ($10.00) of the course fees which you pay to University Extension will be used to provide a transcript to the Office of the Registrar on campus at the completion of your course. If a narrative evaluation is requested, it will be filed in our Records Office. No copies of this evaluation will be sent without written request from the student.

To apply, download the PDF version of
our  application form.

Members of the Community

The Concurrent Enrollment Program administered by UC Extension, Santa Cruz, is a program that allows you to enroll in courses offered on the UCSC campus without being formally admitted to a degree program. As a Concurrent Enrollment student you may take up to 12 units per quarter, or more by petition.

Concurrent course enrollment is based on available space, and class participation and assignments are just the same as for regular students. The Concurrent Enrollment Program is available during the fall, winter, and spring quarters.

This is an ideal program for those who:

  • Desire university-level credits
  • Are thinking about returning to school, but who are not sure if they want to become full-time students
  • Need only a course or two to complete degree requirements at another institution
  • Would like to take a graduate course
  • Wish to gain up-to-date information in their professional fields
  • Are advanced High School students who want to take a college course

Junior college students are also encouraged to take concurrent enrollment classes, but they should first check into "Cross Enrollment." "Cross Enrollment" is a separate program with lower fees and is administered by the junior college and UCSC.

To apply, download the PDF version of our application form.

UCSC Students with Undergraduate Degrees

Students may take graduate level classes with the approval of the graduate division. An additional signature is required on the Instructor Approval form.

Students may take undergraduate courses as prerequisites to graduate programs or possibly 2nd baccalaureate programs.

Be aware that there may be restrictions on the total number of courses that may be taken through Concurrent Enrollment for any of the above. Check with department advisors regarding these restrictions.

To apply, download the PDF version of
our application form.