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Specialization Description

The journey of IoT data—from sensor to strategy

Learn how you can participate in the emerging market of the Internet of Things (IoT) that is propelling companies, governments, individuals toward a new level of cost savings and environmental conservation. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent globally to gather data on people, the environment, and the activities around us. The market is expected to triple in size in the next five years.

In this specialization, you will follow the journey of that data. You'll learn about sensors, networks, cloud services, and the data science that makes sense of it all.

You will have an opportunity to work with experts in the industry, make a working IoT product in class using intelligent lighting, and to apply effective data analysis concepts to your business projects and to your everyday life.

IoT Specialization Objectives

  • Understand how an IoT system works from data acquisition to data processing and transportation to actuation
  • Practice with basic statistical concepts, such as random variables, variance, covariance, correlation, distributions, confidence intervals, statistical significance, and hypothesis testing
  • Gain a high-level understanding of IoT components (sensors and actuators, IoT networking and hardware, Python basics, data analytics, database management, cloud services and IoT security)
  • Use sensors, data processing, cloud services, wireless communication, and LED light sources to complete a real-life intelligent lighting system
  • Build practical experience using real data and data science math to make evidence-based business decisions regarding capital markets, startups, personal finance and investments, and risk management


This IoT specialization is provided in partnership with Microfacturing Institutes, a public benefit corporation that brings highly marketable technology skills to students of all ages, quickly and affordably.

Current and former students who sign up for the free Microfacturing Institutes Jobs Program become part of an IoT employment database that is used by leading employers around the globe.

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"The Internet of Things, or IoT, has skill sets that are applicable to nearly every growth industry in all sorts of jobs and applications. If you’ve built these skills and can apply them well, there’s a good job for you out there. We’ll do our best to help you find it."

— Microfacturing Institutes

This specialization includes:

Foundations of IoT

Designed for nontechnical people, you will take a tour of the entire IoT ecosystem—from hardware and software to networking and cloud service providers—to understand the IoT building blocks and what to expect in an IoT career.

IoT for Work, Life & Play

Learn the fundamentals of cloud-connected data acquisition, data transport, and manipulation and complete your own sensor-connected intelligent lighting system.

Making Money with Data

Learn fundamental data science concepts like cleaning, organizing, and visualizing data, as well as how to apply a data-driven mentality to real world situations.

Related Non-Credit Course

IoT Creator

As you start working in the field of IoT, many people go through a very frustrating and time consuming trial and error phase with early projects. In this course you'll learn a new visual system builder that empowers people to create prototypes in weeks instead of months. It offers you opportunities to connect with a community of experts, engineers and thought leaders so you can envision and prototype new IoT creations.

Estimated Cost: $1,600 (No discounts apply.) (you pay only for courses you enroll in)
Required Credits: 9 CEUs (Not for UC credit)
Duration: 3 months


Course requirements for Specialization

CEU: 3.0 CEU's
CEU: 3.0 CEU's
CEU: 3.0 CEU's


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