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DEI for Early Childhood Success

Empowering student diversity

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Specialization Description


Improving student outcomes by leveraging filters of diversity

In this DEI for Early Childhood Success specialization we delve into the complex dynamics of culture, race, ability, gender and identity, learning new ways of seeing, listening, and acting to empower young learners.

We will explore cultural histories and pervasive obstacles to success in the classroom, learning to identity, interact, and effectively respond to common behaviors.

DEI for Early Childhood Success

  • Help educators see the cultural dynamics of each student
  • Understand how individual values are developed
  • Identify emotions and perspectives that can be detrimental to students of color or with certain learning styles
  • Use cultural awareness to filter rather than obstruct interactions and evaluation
  • Explore new mediums of communication and assignments
  • Lower language barriers that don’t support success
  • Create a toolbox of best practices for positive inclusivity in the classroom.

Who this is for

Teachers, trainers, therapists, allies, administrators, parents, and industry consultants will benefit from this curriculum.

Estimated Cost (You pay only for courses you enroll in): Varies
Required Credits: Mix of UC credit and CEUs
Duration: Varies


1. Four Required Courses

CEU: 1.0 CEUs

10-26-2021 to 11-09-2021
Units: 4.0
Units: 3.0

09-29-2021 to 11-14-2021
Fall TBD Spring TBD
Units: 1.0

3. Completion Review

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