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AI for Business

Cross-industry AI mentorship

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Specialization Description

It is important that organizations take steps to enable and showcase trustworthiness to all stakeholders and build the reputation of the organization’s AI.*

AI to build business • AI to benefit humanity

In the AI for Business specialization you will study industry-aligned use cases of leading companies in a mentored environment. From health care and automotive manufacturing to finance, we will explore the successful integration of AI into diverse industries. What worked and what obstacles tend to slow progress? Discussions and class projects focus on preparing you with applicable, cross-industry job skills. Instruction is accessible to people at all levels of technical expertise and business knowledge.

  • Industry-aligned use cases
  • Cross industry studies
  • Inclusive AI learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Ethics-based implementation
89% of execs who believe ethical standards in development and use of emerging technologies lead to a competitive advantage for businesses. Jan. 2021.

Access • Mentorship • Ethics

We are casting a wide net to bring people into the pipeline and ensure there are career pathways for people at all levels of experience in multiple industry sectors. We're committed to preparing you for the open AI job pipeline, emphasizing current industry needs for people who understand the complext ethical issues surrounding the development and use of AI.

  • Accessible
  • Reduced barriers to entry
  • Affordable

The AI for Business program

  • The Business of AI
    A hands-on, workshop-style environment, for students—technical and nontechnical—to explore the future of AI and its potential on organizational levels.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    An opportunity to work with practical data-driven applications and gain applicable knowledge on essential machine learning concepts, tools, and methodology.
  • AI, Empathy, and Ethics
    A nontechnical overview on AI advancements and the ethical challenges we now face as we navigate the development, implementation, and ubiquitous global use of AI.

On the horizon

Career counseling for people seeking AI jobs


* "How to build AI that society wants and needs" [World Economic Forum, July 2, 2021]

Estimated Cost (You pay only for courses you enroll in): $2,025 (Does not include promotional discounts.)
Required Credits: Mix of CEUs and credit
Duration: 6-9 months


1. Required Course(s): Complete all three.

CEU: 1.0 CEUs

09-28-2021 to 10-19-2021
Santa Clara
See complete class schedule here.
Units: 3.0

09-23-2021 to 12-09-2021
CEU: 1.5 CEUs

09-11-2021 to 10-09-2021

2. Capstone Course: Optional

CEU: 2.0 CEUs

10-18-2021 to 11-15-2021

3. Completion Review:

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Declaring Candidacy

You can enroll in a specialization program at any time during your studies.

Once you create your student account, you can enroll in a specialization program. Note that the benefit of enrolling early is that it locks in your specialization requirements. This means that even if program requirements change, the requirements to complete your specialization will remain the same for you.

  • You must enroll in the specialization program before enrolling in the Specialization Completion Review.

You have a total of three years to complete the courses for a specialization.

All the necessary units in a specialization must be completed within a three-year window. The clock begins on the first day of your first course in the program. For example, if you started a course on Sept. 5, 2019, you would have to complete all of the required units in this certificate by Sept. 4, 2022.

  • Enrolling in a specialization program does not trigger the beginning of the three-year window. It begins the first day of the first course that applies to the program.
  • The Completion Review process does not have to occur within the three-year timeframe.