Maintaining your student status: F-1 Visas

Individuals on an F-1 immigration status must adhere to the following rules to maintain their status:


  1. Notify and discuss changes to your study plan with an advisor. Don’t be shy, always ask your advisor for guidance and help.

  2. Be fully enrolled.  This means that students must take a total of 12 units per quarter.

  3. An overall 3.0 GPA is required to maintain your status.  A 3.0 GPA in your certificate courses is also required to successfully complete the certificate programs. 

  4. Up to 3 units of online courses or 1 online course. Hybrid (both online and on campus) courses are considered campus courses. You may enroll in up to 3 units of an online course or 1 online class if the online course is worth 4 units.

  5. Concurrent enrollment allowed but rules apply. This means you can take courses on other campuses or at other institutions to maintain your status.  Please discuss with an advisor before enrollment.

  6. Valid I-20. You should always have an unexpired I-20. Thus, if your I-20 is close to expiration you should apply for an extension or transfer you I-20 timely.

  7. Travel. International Students must obtain a travel signature at least 2 weeks before travel time.

  8. Vacation Quarter. After 3 quarters of full-time study, students can take 1 quarter of vacation and return for further studies.  However, you may not take a vacation quarter into OPT without resuming your studies.