Enrolling at Other Schools (while on an F-1 Visa)

International Students enrolled in certificate programs may take courses at other colleges and universities in order to maintain their 12 credit per quarter minimum.

Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per quarter at UCSC Extension in order to remain on Extension’s I-20 and receive assistance from the International Program Assistant. Students must also carefully follow the guidelines below in order to maintain their F-1 Visa status.

1. Research colleges or universities which offer courses you are interested in.

  • Contact the school’s Registrar or Student Services Department for assistance enrolling.
  • If you need proof of enrollment at UCSC Extension and permission to enroll at another school, please contact UCSC Extension’s International Program Assistant. The International Student Program will give you an official letter authorizing you to take courses at another school.
  • Please note that 1 semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits.

2. Once you are enrolled in courses at another school, you must submit proof of enrollment to the International Program Assistant by the deadline indicated below. UCSC Extension’s International Program Assistant must keep this information on file as proof that you are enrolled in 12 units per quarter.

  • You may submit an official record of registration with an official school seal signed by the registrar.
  • OR You may submit an official letter from the registrar or your instructor verifying your enrollment. These documents must include the dates or quarters you are enrolled in, the number of units you are taking, as well as the title(s) of the courses you are enrolled in.

3. Once you finish the course, you must send an official transcript or grade report to the International Program Assistant before the deadline listed below.

Send transcripts to:

International Program Assistant
UCSC Extension Silicon Valley
3175 Bowers Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Or e-mail extensioninternational@ucsc.edu.

Important Dates

Quarter Quarterly Start/End Dates Proof of Enrollment Due Official Transcript Due
Winter Jan 1 - Mar 31 February 5 April 30
Spring April 1 - June 15 April 20 July 30
Summer June 16 - Aug 31 July 6 September 30
Fall Sept 1 - Dec 31 October 6 January 30