Frequently Asked Questions


Can I receive a certificate after completing one course?

We do not currently offer certificates after completing one course. If you wish to have proof of completion (for an employer, transfer to another institution, etc.), you may order an Official Transcript.

I’ve completed all of the program requirements. How do I receive my certificate?

First, be sure that you have Declared Candidacy for your program. A certificate may not be issued until that is done. Second, enroll in the Certificate Completion Review for your program and pay the $75 processing fee. Make sure that your mailing address is current in your Student Account. Please allow up to four weeks for the certificate to be processed and mailed out.

I missed the deadline to enroll and the course has already started. May I still enroll in the course?

It is highly encouraged for students to enroll at least a week in advance of the start of a course. Late enrollments may be granted if the second meeting or second week (online) of the course has not yet occurred and if the instructor allows for the exception within that timeframe. 

I have a related degree in the Certificate program that I wish to pursue and ten years of experience in the same or similar field, do I have to take the prerequisites in order to qualify for the program?

Prerequisite courses are highly recommended. However, it is up to the student to decide if the prerequisites would help them in the more advanced courses. If they already possess the knowledge-base that the prerequisites cover, then they may not need to take them. Some students still find them helpful as a refresher if they have not been exposed to the information in a very long time or come from a different background that uses a different set of terminology. There is no verification process for prerequisites.

How do I find my classroom for an in-person course?

When you enter the UCSC Extension building, you will see a TV monitor behind the front desk to your left which will list all the classes and classroom numbers that day. Follow the classroom number signs to locate your classroom.

What happens if I miss a class meeting? Will it affect my grade?

It is highly recommended to attend all class meetings in order to keep up with the content. Our instructors can understand that things come up that are beyond a student’s control. However, some instructors do base their grades on attendance and class participation. If you do plan to miss a meeting, then please inform your instructor as soon as possible so that they can help you make up the work.

Why can I no longer access my online course?

Students are given access to their online course site 1 day prior to the start of the course, and retain access for 31 days after the end date of the course. If you do not see your course during this time frame, or are having access issues, contact Online Support at 408-861-3832 or by email at

Why haven’t I received access to my online course yet?

Students are given access to their online course site 1 day prior to the start of the course, and retain access for 31 days after the end date of the course. Your account or course should appear in Canvas within one hour after enrolls in your course. If you do not see your course after that time, or are having access issues, contact Online Support at 408-861-3832 or by email at

How do I login to my course / Canvas / Online Classroom?

UCSC Extension Students access the Online Classroom with this link, or from the Login menu in the header of the website. When logging in to the Online Classroom for the first time, you will need to click "Forgot Password?" on the login page. Once you click "Forgot Password", an email with the subject line "Forgot Password: Canvas" will be coming from Instructure Canvas <> and will direct you to set a Canvas password. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. We recommend that you make your password the same as your Student Account password.

When should I declare candidacy?

We encourage you to declare candidacy in a certificate program early in your studies. This ensures that curriculum changes subsequent to receipt of your application will not affect your course requirements. Candidates will be notified of updates or special opportunities related to their program. Certificate applications can be submitted online at