Frequently Asked Questions


Can I receive continuing education units for my course?

You must check with your individual organization to see whether courses are accepted as CE hours. We currently are eligible for some courses toward MCLE, ACRP, BRN and RAPS.

Why do I have a CE grade rather than a letter grade?

Courses in the 800 series do not meet the academic content to receive letter grades. The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a method of quantifying the student’s participation in professional development, career enhancement and training activities. One CEU is awarded for each 10 hours of the student’s contact participation. These CEUs are accepted by many employers and re-licensure agencies as evidence of your commitment to career advancement and maintenance of professional competence.

Can I receive an Incomplete (I) grade?

Under certain circumstances, an “Incomplete” (“I”) may be authorized for students who are unable to complete a course within the prescribed time. You need to make a request to the program department at Your request for an incomplete status requires the department’s written approval. Students must have completed a minimum of 70 percent of the course work and it must be of passing quality in order to qualify for an incomplete grade.

An “I” grade may be changed to an appropriate grade notation by the instructor upon completion of all necessary work. If the “I” grade is not cleared within a maximum of three months following the course end date, it will convert automatically to an “F.” Please read the full incomplete policy for details.

Can I get my grade early?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process individual grades before the rest of the class is graded or before the prescribed time listed on our Grade Policy website.

What are the UCSC Extension Grade Options?

When students enroll, letter grading is the default. The Credit/No Credit option is available only to students in good academic standing. Requests for Credit/No Credit must be submitted to Student Services via by the last day of the course. Please note that only Letter Grades of C- or higher are permitted to be applicable to a certificate, and for most Employer or Government sponsored (WIOA, etc.) payment programs.

Can I change my grade option after the course begins?

Yes; you have up until the final course day to request a change in grade status. However, courses paid by most employers, all government sponsored (WIOA, etc.) payment programs, and courses leading toward certification (such as Education courses) often require a letter grade. All courses fulfilling a UCSC Extension certificate (required and elective) must be taken for a letter grade.

How do I receive my grade?

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension does not send out grade reports to students at the completion of a course. You can view your grades online in your student account. If you require a printed grade report for reimbursement purposes, one can be created and provided on request. To request a printed grade report, please send an email with your current mailing address included to: or call (408) 450-4920. We cannot email or fax a grade. Please note: a grade is not official if the instructor verbally tells you or emails the grade.

How long does it take to receive my grade?

Grades are generally processed within a month after the course end date. The grades are updated on your online student record.

Education course grades normally process within three weeks. These instructors are aware of student time constraints.