Frequently Asked Questions


What If You Want to Switch Sections?

Dropping a section to switch to another section of the same course is still considered a drop.

Students who enroll in a section, but do not attend, have the option of dropping prior to the final class meeting to avoid a negative impact on their official academic record. Instructors do not have the authority to drop a student.

I missed the deadline to enroll and the course has already started. May I still enroll in the course?

It is highly encouraged for students to enroll at least a week in advance of the start of a course. Late enrollments may be granted if the second meeting or second week (online) of the course has not yet occurred and if the instructor allows for the exception within that timeframe. 

I have a related degree in the Certificate program that I wish to pursue and ten years of experience in the same or similar field, do I have to take the prerequisites in order to qualify for the program?

Prerequisite courses are highly recommended. However, it is up to the student to decide if the prerequisites would help them in the more advanced courses. If they already possess the knowledge-base that the prerequisites cover, then they may not need to take them. Some students still find them helpful as a refresher if they have not been exposed to the information in a very long time or come from a different background that uses a different set of terminology. There is no verification process for prerequisites.

When should I declare candidacy?

We encourage you to declare candidacy in a certificate program early in your studies. This ensures that curriculum changes subsequent to receipt of your application will not affect your course requirements. Candidates will be notified of updates or special opportunities related to their program. Certificate applications can be submitted online at

Where can I find the prerequisite requirement for the Certificate Program?

Knowledge familiarity and prerequisite details can be found in course descriptions, as well as in each Certificate Program description.

What happens if the refund deadline for a course has passed?

If the refund deadline for a course has passed, and Exception Request may be submitted using the online form found at The petition must be supported by special circumstances such as a personal or family illness, injury, or hospitalization. Proper documentation of the special circumstance is required. UCSC Extension reserves the right to approve or deny any such request.

Can I drop and transfer to another section of the same course?

Transferring to another section of the same course is considered a drop. The three business day deadline and same processing fee applies. Students who enroll in a course but do not attend must drop the course prior to the final class meeting to avoid having a negative impact on their official academic record. Instructors do not have the authority to drop a student who has not attended their course.

What is the drop policy?

Students may drop a course at any time before the final class meeting, or the end date of an online course, by completing the Drop Request form. To be eligible for a refund, your drop request must be received three business days before the start date of a course. A $40 processing fee will be withheld for all drop requests.

Can I go to the first course without enrolling?

No, you must be enrolled to attend class. 

Can I audit?

UCSC Extension does not allow auditing.