Web Framework Using JavaScript: The MERN Stack | IPDV.803

JavaScript is the standard for client-side scripting today. Its features and performance have been improved significantly over the years to enable the use on the server-side. The MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and Node.js) is an emerging Web framework that uses JavaScript and is designed to build Web applications from front to back. It uses a single language to offer development productivity and efficiency. The inclusion of these components represents a breakthrough in event-driven and asynchronous architecture, producing the optimal user experience. This course is an introduction to the popular open-sourced Web framework.

The MERN stack consists of client, server and database skills. The course explains the four components and the role each has in building a modern, sophisticated Web application, and then covers the configuration, implementation and programming details. You will learn to build the Node.js server, include Express in the app, interface with the document-oriented database MongoDB, and use React and Hooks on the client side. The client-server communication is through RESTful API. Class assignments and projects will give you hands-on experience.

Prior to enrolling, students should be familiar with JavaScript and understand database basics. The course covers only the essential parts of the MERN stack. Students are encouraged to bring laptops to class. The instructor will provide software installation guides.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Describe the web application stack end to end
  • Explain the basics of building reusable web components
  • Create back-end code using Node.js, ExpressJS, and MongoDB
  • Develop front-end code using React and Hooks
  • Apply the RESTful API standards

Topics Include

  • Introduction to the MERN stack
  • Building the Node.js server
  • Connecting MongoDB and Node.js
  • Interacting with MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Configuring and using Express in a Web app
  • Implementing RESTful API using Express in Node.js
  • Understanding React principles
  • Implementing React application
  • Understanding the front-end state management using context and hooks
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