Switching and Routing

Bridges, switches, and routers comprise the foundational hardware that make up layers 2 and 3. This course focuses on the operation of devices, protocols, and algorithms that make these layers interoperate. Coverage of routing and switching will provide the logic and understanding of how packets are routed through a TCP/IP network and are passed between layers 2 and 3.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the OSI and TCP/IP models of internetworking
  • The medium access sublayer and data link layers
  • Cisco Command Line Interface and basic switch/router configuration
  • Spanning Tree, Source Routing, VLAN, MPLS Tagging, 802.1x Protocols
  • Forwarding/Filtering Operations of Bridges and Switches
  • Routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP and EIGRP
  • Network management techniques and technologies

This course is taught using Cisco routers and switches in the lab. So students will gain hands-on experience working with the principle hardware in widest use, including operational premises and algorithmic decisions. Students will also learn to configure routing protocols and troubleshoot the network using Cisco IOS commands.

Skills Needed: Knowledge of TCP/IP, completion of a data communication or networking course, or equivalent experience.

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