Software Development Standards, Quality and Customer Experience Measurement

Meet your anticipated outcomes by understanding how standardization leads to greater collaboration and promotes seamless interoperability, predictability and precision. In this course you learn to achieve software process improvements through the use of the latest software and systems engineering standards, such as ISO, TL, De Facto, IEEE, openGroup, and ITU. Examine the standardization process and issues arising from the control and evolution of standards and how standards can be customized to impact product quality. Learn about quality elements such as phase containment concepts and its implementation challenges. Learn a method to catch them and measure the quality at each stage and focus on customer experience concepts. These best practices for development lifecycle process standards will help you achieve required customer outcomes.

In this course you will learn:

  • The definition of standardization
  • Various standard bodies, their objectives and requirements
  • Standardization and its impact on software quality
  • Certification process and challenges
  • Phase containment concept and implementation challenges
  • Quality measurements techniques
  • Customer experience concept and measurement

Skills Needed: Some programming language experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office

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