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Personal Financial Planning, Survey | FPLN.X400

This course introduces the professional and technical content of personal financial planning. It emphasizes the identification and quantification of financial objectives and the interrelated facets of a wide range of technical material. Topics include data gathering, income taxation, investment analysis and procedure, insurance, employment benefit plans, debt management, estate planning and cash-flow management. This course also covers the ethics, strategies and processes of professional practice and CFP® standards of practice. Included in the course work is an introduction to some basic concepts of economics.

Note(s): An HP-12C or equivalent financial calculator is required.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Have a good understanding of the career opportunities and career paths for CFP® practitioners. Students will be introduced to various professionals and business models
  • Be able to evaluate how clients’ beliefs, culture, and psychology influence financial behavior
  • Know how to identify the technical, business and communication skills utilized by a personal financial planning practitioner
  • Have a cursory knowledge of several subject areas required of a CFP® including: Income Tax, Investments, Risk Management, College Funding, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning
  • Understand the background and the business, structural, and regulatory environment in which the personal financial planning profession operates and, in particular, that of a CFP®
  • Be comfortable with the basic economic principals such and supply and demand, GDP, the business cycle, interest rates, exchange rates
  • Be familiar with the steps involved in the personal financial planning process and recognize unethical practices based on the CFP® Board Standards of Professional Conduct.
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