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Networking Fundamentals | LINX.X415

Networking Fundamentals | LINX.X415

This foundation course covers the concepts and technologies required for understanding today's data voice and video networks. It provides a comprehensive survey of networking standards and protocols used to define, understand, and work with a wide range of network topologies such as building or campus networks (LANs), mobile/regional (MANs), and large-scale networks such as company intranets, public internet, or data center networks. Through lab projects, you will also gain a strong foundation in networking protocols, hardware, industry standards, and connectivity solutions.

After taking this course, you will have a strong base for other courses and IT areas that rely on networks. You’ll have the knowledge for high-demand positions such as a network engineer, production engineer, and site reliability engineer. Understanding networking is also key in any IT administration role.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Describe the media, data link layers & physical networks
  • Explain Network Layer Concepts and the use of IP Addressing/Subnetting
  • Explain how IP routing, TCP/IP and UDP work
  • Identify the concepts fragmentation, sliding window and congestion control
  • Contrast core protocols including IPv4, IPv6, and IPSec.
  • Employ core Internet application protocols including DNS, DHCP, NAT, and HTTP
  • Analyze the basic public/private key Cryptography and the basis of protocols like TLS/SSL
  • Discuss SDN, Networking Visualization and the Future of Networking
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