Marketing Operations 2.0: Tactical Discipline to Strategic Vision

In Marketing Operations 2.0 you will focus on driving marketing performance by instilling accountability, alignment, and organizational agility skills across all marketing functions. You will learn to elevate marketing contributions to the CEO’s objectives.

Learn to think long-term. Marketing operations is a quickly growing business role that integrates marketing technologies, drives sales and marketing alignment, and generates value through analytics and demand generation. You’ve learned about it in courses focused on customer relationship management, database marketing, customer acquisition, digital marketing, and analytics. In recent years, the expanded role has helped lengthen the historically short tenure of a CMO.

While many marketing leaders limit their scope and influence by taking a short-term and tactical orientation that inevitably leads to slashed budgets and headcounts, you will learn to connect the dots across the marketing ecosystem, optimize and expand resources and talent, facilitate organizational learning and change management, ensure customer-centricity, minimize chaos to maximize scalability, model the future, monitor value, and champion strategic opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Connect the dots between Marketing strategy, guidance, processes, metrics, technology, ecosystem
  • Identify appropriate Lean/Six Sigma/Agile techniques to increase Marketing’s effectiveness and efficiency
  • Guide Marketing resource management decisions in budgeting, technology optimization, talent development
  • Assess and direct Marketing’s alignment across its internal and external stakeholders
  • Elevate the C-team’s positioning of Marketing as a cost center to a strategic impact center of excellence.

Topics include

  • The Optimizer: agile marketing applied to every Marketing specialty
  • The Chaos Minimizer: ease-of-work via governance, line-of-sight, policies, project management, resource management, process management
  • The Social Butterfly: sharing of data, best practices, post-mortems, lessons learned, i.e. knowledge management, org learning, change management
  • The Customer Conscience: build trust, mutual value and alignment to customers' natural rhythms across lifecycle and CX journey
  • The Connector: end-to-end flow, closed-loop communication, hand-off smoothness among marketers, partners and stakeholders
  • The Resource Expander: budget management business cases, supplier management, marketing resource management, talent development
  • The Strategic Opportunist: balance short- and long-term well-being, mutual value, collective interests, scalability, nimbleness


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