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Linux Shell Programming | LINX.X412

This course is designed for Linux professionals who are interested in becoming more productive by improving their understanding of Bash shell, the most common command line interpreter for the Linux operating system. Whether you are a system administrator, a developer, or a power user, you will learn how Bash shell scripts allow you to automate just about any task on a Linux system. We will explore how to use the text processing utilities—sed, a stream editor, and AWK, which is primarily used for data extraction and reporting—to read and edit data in text files. Sed and AWK combine the power of all the Linux user-land utilities with a powerful bash scripting language.

Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the features of the Shell language
  • Discuss the language features and how they are connected to each other
  • Explain any shell script in terms of the script commands/syntax and what the script accomplishes
  • Identify and correct the errors in a shell script

Topics Include:

  • Bash environment
  • Local variables
  • Reading and writing to text files
  • Functions
  • Loops
  • Case statements
  • String operations
  • Command line arguments
  • Parent/child processes
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