Leveraging Content and Social Analytics | MKTG.X417

Leveraging Content and Social Analytics | MKTG.X417

How do product managers, marketers, entrepreneurs and engineers quickly learn to use social data to be more persuasive, refine messaging and illustrate the value of social programs to stakeholders? They begin by building social relationships. They nurture conversations with customers, advocates and influencers who help them build a sustainable revenue stream.

In this course, students learn best practices to find customers and implement the three Ms of process improvement: manage, maximize, and measure. Learn to increase engagement and harvest customer leads on leading social media platforms. Practice successful social listening and use analytics to find, track, and measure campaigns. You'll use a listen-first approach, create a brand story, and develop social campaigns on different channels.

As a final team project, you will design a social media marketing plan and present it to an audience of industry experts. Some familiarity with social media skills and how to create a Facebook business page is recommended to take this course.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Conduct a brand analysis using Hootsuite. Surface values, differentiators, image, perceived quality, buying patterns, member characteristics. Describe how these KPIs influence market share, transactions and loyalty.
  • Influence stakeholders and customers using the latest social media marketing and analytics tools. Make recommendations, demonstrate success and report on ROI. Present measured results using charts and visualizations
  • Position a brand across the social landscape to generate leads, locate your target audience and develop communication strategies. Meet different goals for each social channel
  • Compose blogs with WordPress and post articles and customize themes and features representing your personal or business brand. Add all written assignments to your creative portfolios
  • Use social media expertise to critique a successful or failed social campaign. Describe why, when, where, how and what in a published case study
  • Team up to create a social media marketing plan for a fictitious business and make your case in order to receive funding from a panel of industry experts
  • Leverage conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram by being passionate, vocal and connected

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