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Global Diversity: A Toolkit for Cross-Cultural Communication | DVSV.803

Global Diversity: A Toolkit for Cross-Cultural Communication | DVSV.803

In this course, we take all that you know about business, communication, and diversity and examine it through an internationalized lens.

Students will explore key cultural components, such as country-specific histories and current cultural impact, migration, language, ethics, gender roles, customs and perceptions. We will analyze stereotypes and customs, socioeconomic and political factors that have an impact on how we perceive others as well as how others may perceive us.

Once you have experienced the perspectives of other cultures, the biases and the cultural intelligence of ourselves and others, you will be in a stronger position to evaluate business and personal decisions that integrate a truly global perspective. You will be able to apply your practical experience and improve communication in the workplace and have new skills to engage as a global citizen.

This is a perfect course for people interested in international roles and international teams as well as managers looking to improve communication and facilitation skills across diverse teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how they demonstrate and influence biases and stereotypes impacting the workplace.
  • Be better prepared to communicate cross-culturally in diverse or international contexts.
  • Understand international and global systems influencing how individuals, organizations and nations interact socio-economically and politically.
  • Discover how we demonstrate and influence biases and stereotypes.
  • Improve cross-cultural communication in an internalized workplace.
  • Identify how international and global systems influence socio-economical and political interactions between individuals, organizations and nations.

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