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Foundations in U.S. FDA Regulations of Drugs & Biologics and Regulatory Submissions | REGL.X409

New to the industry? Or maybe you need a basic understanding of the U.S. FD&C Act and U.S. FDA regulations related to biopharmaceutical product development and approval? Are you seeking a career in regulatory affairs? Maybe you just want some practical regulatory advice for working in the industry? This course will give you basic information on the regulatory environment in the biopharmaceutics industry and answer your questions: how to work in a regulated environment, what are the roles available to you, and what are the key foundational aspects of regulatory affairs. This course will also help you gain an understanding of the basics of the biopharmaceutical development process. Live discussions, class group exercises, etc. will be used to help you in navigating through the basics US FDA regulations related to biopharmaceutics development and approval. You will learn about the differences between the various types of human therapeutics, including the various regulatory development options utilized in the industry.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, students should be able to

  • Discuss FDA’s jurisdiction and the reason for food, drug, and cosmetic laws
  • Define the various regulatory pathways available for medical devices, including requirements for combination products, IVDs, and stand-alone software
  • Understand individual roles/responsibilities and how the medical device industry works in general

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