DITA Information Architecture

The value of DITA is expressed in its enforcement of a topic-based architecture. DITA provides specific mechanisms, including DITA maps and relationship tables, that enable information architects to provide a valuable and usable information experience for their users.

This course consists of pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations with assignments, workshops, and discussion, covering:

  • Background to DITA: XML, topic-based authoring, and the DITA standard
  • DITA content types: concept, task, reference, and glossary
  • Using maps to plan your information, organizing your topics, and manage links and metadata for your deliverables, as part of a task-oriented information architecture and process
  • DITA conditional processing and content reuse
  • DITA specialization: Creating new content types and maps using DITA's specialization architecture
  • Futures of DITA: Exploring the potential of DITA in Web 2.0, enterprise content strategy, lifecycle and cross-discipline integration

  • For Online Sections of this course: Online courses are largely self-study with instructor support through threaded discussion groups, email and sometimes scheduled online chats. Some instructors may allow students to pace themselves following the published syllabus, enabling them to accelerate through the material and finish early. However, all students must complete and submit all assignments by the schedule end date. Grades are issued for the entire class approximately two weeks after the scheduled end date.


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