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DEI Leadership and Strategic Impact | DVSV.801

This course is designed to help executives unleash their potential to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments that cultivate high-performing teams. You will have a chance to unpack your values and reflect on the impact your leadership style has on who you hire and how people interact within your organization’s everyday work culture.

As we discuss how to become a more inclusive leader, one that cultivates a culturally equitable workplace, you will wrestle with real-world workplace cultural challenges, have the opportunity to reflect on historical inequities, and gain valuable peer feedback for the future.

Once you discover how to leverage your leadership style, you will have a more successful mentoring influence on the people around you.

DEI Leadership and Strategic Impact objectives

  • Identify your values and how they influence your leadership of diverse teams
  • Understand how your leadership style influences equity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Apply or adapt your leadership style to create a culturally equitable workplace
  • Mentor diverse colleagues and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver
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