Database Marketing and Social Selling

Income may be lost when marketers fail to track and follow up on customers, and the number of existing customer leads and inquiries can be overwhelming. The explosive growth of social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has created a new customer interaction channel that fundamentally affects brands, marketing media plans and campaigns. From lead generation, to retention, to ensuring customer satisfaction, social media channels provide opportunities as well as risks. You’ll learn methods to efficiently track and manage interactions with customers. This course addresses several aspects of the latest social selling techniques and provides practical guidance and examples for the aspiring new-age marketer.

Topics include:

  • Social media channels: Reaching and interacting with customers, from early adopters to mainstream users
  • Social network analysis (SNA) tools: Understanding the customer and measuring campaign effectiveness
  • Social customer relationship management (CRM): Augmenting the customer feedback loop
  • Working with large data sets: advanced Excel modeling, business intelligence, and data visualization

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