Cultural Proficiency

Because Silicon Valley companies draw their workforce from around the globe, both staffers and managers quickly learn that their "default" communication styles aren't always effective. "Dos and don'ts" books about other cultures might be useful in some situations, but most of us need tools for working effectively in a global environment every day. In this highly interactive, practical course, you'll learn how to apply the latest research to intercultural business activities. This course includes studies in the following areas: Competition and teamwork; Feedback and clarification; Appraisal and motivation; Optimal use of time; Coaching employees through cultural transitions; Strategic use of cultural resources.

Topic Include:

  • Defining cultural proficiency
  • Developing self-awareness about beliefs, stereotypes, and communication styles
  • Making observations about self and others that will assist in deeper cultural understanding
  • Describing the difference between workplace politics and diplomacy
  • Beginning a practical plan for becoming a more effective communicator

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