Cultural Equity for Student Success | DVSV.802

Cultural Equity for Student Success | DVSV.802

In this deeply informative and highly interactive course for current and aspiring teachers, school administrators, superintendents, and school staff, we compile a toolbox of strategies for effectively and efficiently cultivating culturally equitable classrooms.

Building a DEI classroom

We will dive into the historic foundational practices and valuable strategies for classroom management, including:

  • Historical, legislative, and current societal implications of diversity in education;
  • Components of cultural equity as it relates to students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Strategies for creating inclusive classrooms where all students feel valued and celebrated;
  • Elements of systemic racism and how it impacts teacher education, student achievement, and parent involvement; and
  • The importance of effective and appropriate allyship with underrepresented colleagues, students, and other stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

You will end the course with concrete practices to implement in your own classroom, including new awarenesses and understanding that allow you to:

  • Define diversity as it relates to educational settings;
  • Identify and mitigate inequities as it pertains to student populations;
  • Articulate principles of inclusion in the classroom and on campus;
  • Recognize the historical implications systemic racism has had on the educating of marginalized groups;
  • Identify components of culturally responsive pedagogy; and
  • Demonstrate how to create culturally responsive curriculum.

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