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C Programming for Beginners | CMPR.X400

C language is popular for engineering and commercial applications. It allows developers to maintain the structure and portability of a high-level language while having the detailed control, efficiency and speed of an assembly language. C is the leading language used in hardware application and in software compilers, libraries and interpreters. This course gets you started with application development using the C language.

The course begins with programming and tools overview. It introduces the functions, data types, input/output, strings, operators, precedence, and expressions. It also demonstrates the use of control statements, arrays, and pointers for problem solving. Students will receive assignments to write non-trivial programs and learn to create modular programs with efficiency and readability.

This course will benefit individuals who want to learn C programming language but have little or no programming background. The lectures stress the strengths of C providing students with the means of writing efficient, maintainable and portable code. Each instruction is supplemented with programming exercises.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Utilize C language to write non-trivial programs
  • Use variety of data types suitable to specific programming needs including your own data types
  • Use functions from C library and create and use your own functions
  • Use arrays and pointers as part of the software solution
  • Demonstrate the use of the various control flow features
  • Utilize modular features of the C language and demonstrate efficiency and readability

Topics Include:

  • Compiling, linking, executing, debugging and running a C Program
  • Functions, data types
  • Input and Output, character strings
  • Arrays
  • Operators and precedence
  • Expressions
  • Control statement
  • Pointers
  • Advanced topics

Skills Needed: Technical aptitude and experience with a computer operating system or equivalent knowledge.
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