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Business Development for Founders | SVIG.801

Fine tuning your startup plan—From elevator pitch to customer acquisition.

When you’re launching your own startup or joining a stealth venture, you need an actionable roadmap for balancing your key, sometimes competing, objectives such as raising capital, proving market viability, and developing business.

In Business Development for Founders, a course for aspiring entrepreneurs, we’ll focus on:

  • Fine tuning your offering, target marketing, and positioning
  • Exploring various business models: revenue, operational, capital structure and financing
  • Communicating your startup vision to raise capital, recruit team members and partners, and capture customers
  • Creating a one-page, Lean Canvas business plan
  • Developing a business plan and a lean execution roadmap
  • Establishing an agile organization that is poised to rapidly adapt and pivot as needed based on customer and market feedback.
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