Building Customized Websites with Wordpress

If you have some knowledge of Wordpress HTML code and common HTML tags, you are ready to learn how to plan and set up a customized multi-author Wordpress site, one of the world’s most popular open-source platforms. In this course, we’ll study how to build an e-commerce store, a nonprofit membership and donation website, an event registration solution, and a site with premium content for members.
Using real cases that guide you through the planning and implementation phases of setting up a customized interactive website, you’ll learn to configure menus, add plugins, and customize themes. You will explore different ways to accept payments on your site, focusing on the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, as well as other payment systems with different capabilities, such as event tickets and learn best practices for managing security, user permissions, content creation, and site management. Finally you’ll learn to use Wordpress community resources to troubleshoot problems. Upon completion of the course, you will understand underlying concepts of the platform and be prepared to use it to build a fully functioning interactive website with e-commerce capabilities.

Topics include:
  • Learning the basics of Wordpress technologies and concepts
  • Learning the CMS building blocks of databases, templates, themes, and plugins
  • Installing, configuring, and updating core software
  • Security issues: Protecting your site from hackers
  • Protecting your site from hackers
  • Configuring user permissions
  • Creating, editing, and managing content and products
  • Configuring and testing payment gateways
  • Uploading and editing images and embedding multimedia files
  • Building pages: menus, sidebars, and widgets
  • Organizing and presenting content and products with categories and tags
  • Installing and updating modules and plug-ins
  • Changing site designs using contributed themes
  • Customizing logos, colors, and typography
  • Setting up a custom child theme folder
  • Troubleshooting the "white screen of death" and other common problems

Requirement: An online Wordpress installation is required to complete homework assignments. Free or low-cost options for hosting your Wordpress installation will be discussed in the first class meeting. A account does not meet this requirement..

Skills Needed: Students should understand Wordpress HTML code and identify common HTML tags, such as title, heading and paragraph. The more knowledge of inheritance, CSS, and graphical production techniques you have, the more fun you will have creating custom themes. CSS skills and graphical production techniques involved in creating custom themes will not be covered. Students entering the course without those skills will have to rely on off-the-shelf customizable themes.



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