Building and Maintaining Your Technical Eminence

Technical communicators are expected to begin a new job or project and quickly use information development tools and learn the technologies about which they will be writing. This is a challenge since industry technologies are changing at Web speed. How can they learn what is necessary? What is important to know before the new project or job begins?

This course provides an introduction to the latest communicators' tools, concepts and terminology used in the field of computers, both hardware and software engineering. Lecture and group exercises emphasize what employers expect technical communicators to know and what can be learned on the job during the course of a project. Intended for technical writers who are new to the field or those considering this profession.

  • Computer hardware and software overview
  • Operating system overview and basic UNIX commands
  • Compatibility and standards
  • Networking, the Internet and the Web
  • Basic computer graphics concepts
  • Database concepts
  • Programming languages and concepts
  • Tools and technologies used by technical communicators

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