Advanced Network Architecture and Protocols | ITEC.804

Advanced Network Architecture and Protocols | ITEC.804

This class is an in-depth, advanced study of the most popular mainstream internet protocols and emerging network architecture and protocol currently in use.

We will examine the protocol stack layer-by-layer—from the data link layer all the way to the application layer—exploring common internet protocols at that layer. The class also explores emerging networks architectures like software defined networks (SDNs) and OpenFlow, a key communications protocol.

People interested in an information technology career such as engineers in networking, site reliability, and production positions will benefit from this course, as well as people wanting to expand their knowledge about this pervasive and influential technology.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Identify the main protocols that constitute the backbone of our current internet
  • Describe how each protocol works and typical exchanges
  • Run tools to visualize internet protocols at work
  • Explain end-to-end flow of requests and protocols involved in handling familiar requests to users like navigating to a URL on their web browser
  • Implement basic networking applications using the BSD socket interface
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