Python Programming for Beginners

This course is intended for newcomers to programming. Python is favored by first-time programmers because it presents engineering concepts in a straight-forward, clear language, while quietly and behind-the-scenes, it takes care of the difficult, tedious and error-prone details that present the major obstacles to writing a program in older languages. Python is an open-sourced language with rich features and is used extensively in the industries.

The course covers the important concepts and programming mechanisms that exist in all programming languages: Reading and writing to standard IO, using operators, controlling the flow of execution, using functions, and reading and writing files. It also includes Python specific facilities such as code re-use, built-in sequence types, and iteration. Interactions and expert help are available.

Note(s): If you are already familiar with any programming language, the pace of this course may be slow. More experienced programmers should take "Python for Programmers" (course CMPR.X416).

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites