VMware vSphere: Configuration and Management

Server virtualization has become a critical technology to help address IT costs and support the rise of cloud computing. With server virtualization, a single physical computer can run multiple virtual systems, each executing as a virtual machine. Server virtualization enables IT organizations to reduce power, cooling and hardware costs, increase the utilization and efficiency of hardware resources, perform effective load balancing, and ensure high availability of its systems.

Through instruction and hands-on labs, students gain practical experience configuring and managing multiple VMware ESXi hosts and virtual machines using the vCenter Server. Each student is provided his own ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, and SAN storage to perform the labs. This course is based on ESXi 6.0 and vCenter Server 6.0. Students learn to create standard and distributed virtual switches, and establish storage access. Virtual machines are created, cloned, and used in resource monitoring, vMotion, load balancing, and high availability. Lab activities also cover the use of alarms and resource pools. Additional lecture topics include scalability and fault tolerance.

This course helps prepare students for the vSphere 6 Foundations exam, the first part of VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) exams. Please see the VMware VCP6-DCV certification website for details.

Topics Include:

  • Server virtualization in the data center

  • VMware virtualization overview

  • Creating virtual machines

  • Using VMware vCenter Server

  • Configure and manage virtual networks

  • Configure and manage virtual storage

  • Virtual machine management

  • Resource management and monitoring

  • High availability and fault tolerance

  • Scalability

  • Patch management and host maintenance

  • Installing vSphere components

Note(s): The course provides remote access for extensive hands-on labs. The instructor will answer students’ questions through e-mail, discussion forum and assignment review. Students completing the course will receive a voucher for a discount off the price of the VCP6 exam from VMware. The remote lab allows access up to 6 months while the course duration is 9 to 11 weeks.

** Lab access and student guide eText will be available for purchase through the VMware Webstore.

Skills Needed: An understanding of basic system administration (OS installation) and networking, including IP addressing and the role of switches and network adapters. Students accessing the labs from their company may need to resolve VPN access through their company firewall.

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites